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3 Tips for a More Successful Buyback

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/11/16 1:27 PM

Your campus buyback also isn't your students' only option anymore. Peer-to-peer sales have become increasingly more common through Amazon, Craigslist or even among one another on campus. To ensure you're getting the traffic you need to have the lower-cost, used options students seek first, you need to make sure your buys are as successful as possible. Here's how stores are doing it nationwide:

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Textbooks, Gummy Bears and Red Bull, Oh My: A Fresh Perspective on Buyback [Guest Blog]

Posted by Stephanie Webber on 8/31/16 5:00 AM

On average, there's not a lot of churn among college retail administrators. If you're subscribed to Foreword and reading this blog, odds are you've been in your position for a few years — and each buyback isn't exactly your first rodeo. But whether you've done two or two dozen, it pays to get a fresh perspective. Having started in June, MBS Supply Chain Analyst Stephanie Webber is fairly new to the textbook industry in general — and she got to work her first buyback ever just a few weeks later, when she volunteered to work the University of Missouri-Columbia's summer session buy. Keep reading after the jump to see what she learned about the process, and how it relates to what she does for MBS and its partner institutions every day.

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The 10 Stages of Receiving Adoptions, Told Through GIFs

Posted by Kate Seat on 3/18/16 3:15 AM

The 10 Stages of Adoptions, Told Through GIFs

1. Knowing you and your staff are about to get really, really busy

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UVU Heats up Buyback Marketing with Hot Cocoa

Posted by Dean Asher on 12/13/15 11:00 PM

As students study hard, juggle multiple finals and term papers and make travel arrangements for the winter break, it can be difficult for bookstores to make sure their buyback marketing is being heard.

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OK State Shows Students the True Price of Buying Books

Posted by Dean Asher on 8/31/15 12:30 AM

Oklahoma State University Store is offering students a guaranteed buyback value on select titles this term. The pilot program has already seen an increase in sales for a number of titles.

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Wheaton College Bookstores Jump in the Ring for Buyback

Posted by Kate Seat on 6/1/15 12:00 AM

Getting students to remember to return their rentals or to bring their books in to sell back can be a challenge. A great way to increase their awareness is by designing a fun promotion to coincide with your store’s events — like Wheaton College Bookstores did, with their latest buyback.

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How to Make Your Next Buyback Even Better

Posted by Dean Asher on 5/27/15 7:33 AM
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UNC Doubles Their Buyback

Posted by Joe Clarkin on 5/17/15 11:00 PM

Even after having their most successful buyback in recent memory this past winter, Director of University of North Carolina Student Stores John Gorsuch was still confident that his staff would see even more improvement this spring. But even with that optimistic outlook Gorsuch and staff were surprised by the outcome: a doubling of the number of units the store had bought back, and a nearly 80 percent increase in the amount of dollars handed out to students.

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The UD Bookstore Turns Buyback into a Main Event

Posted by Kate Seat on 5/11/15 12:00 AM

It’s no secret that the end of the semester is a stressful time for students. To help them make it through successfully, the University of Dayton Bookstore has had a long-standing tradition of offering free massages to their customers during buyback. This year, the staff at the UD Bookstore took this a step further, transforming their buyback and rental return into the "Main Event.”

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Buyback Survival Guide

Posted by Kate Seat on 4/30/15 8:34 AM

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