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Blogging Benefits for College Stores

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 1/31/17 5:30 AM

Web logging, an online diary or “blogging” is not just for hipsters sitting in a coffee shop writing about their views on politics, skinny jeans and the best beard look. It’s now a tool. A resource. A “thing.” It’s the megaphone for you to tell your customers what they need to know from the mouth of the expert: you.

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What a Bookstore Manager Wanted to Know on Day 1

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 1/27/17 5:30 AM

You’re a college bookstore manager. A superhero. A rare breed. You’re a leader and a motivator. You make a retail environment run like a well-oiled machine.  Every day you engage customers, hire and train employees, decide which items to carry, manage money, deal with sales calls, and now take on the challenges of posting to Facebook, Tweeting and taking on the “other duties as assigned.” 

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Why Proper Training Will Lead to Your Store's Success

Posted by Dean Asher on 12/6/16 5:00 AM

Preparedness is an essential trait of running a successful bookstore. The best way to make sure you’ll be ready from day one is to find a comprehensive training program that will enable your staff to provide a smoother customer experience, maximize your store’s organization and turn your employees from novices into experts. A direct correlation can be drawn between well-instructed training and store success.

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The More Things Change: How College Retail Hasn't Changed, Even When It Has

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/23/16 12:19 PM

The college retail industry has changed significantly in the last few years. With the rise in big-box online retailers and shifts in technology, everything from marketing and advertising to inventory management and the title procurement process has evolved over the past decade. But that doesn't mean everything is different.

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After Rush Is Over, Do These Five Things

Posted by Kate Seat on 8/12/16 8:16 AM

Once the last student in line has purchased their books and supplies for the new semester, investing the time for a little bit of assessment and proactive planning now can save you a lot of effort down the road.

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Arc: Flexibility that Promotes Productivity [Video]

Posted by Dean Asher on 7/6/16 5:00 AM

With our roots running deep in the textbook business, MBS strives to make life in the hectic world of college retail easier for its partner stores. That goal was a guiding principle behind Arc, our latest innovation that puts all of your retail management tools in one single-portal access point. In this video, see what UCM Store Director Charlie Rutt had to say about the time savings and flexibility Arc will present for his store.

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The 4-Step Creative Process to Move Away from the Obvious and Towards Innovation

Posted by Wendy Gish on 3/23/16 4:56 AM

“We’re never going to survive unless we get a little bit crazy”

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Arc Steals the Show at CAMEX

Posted by Dean Asher on 3/16/16 9:44 AM

Vice President of MBS Customer Relations Sarah Shiflett has seen a lot of positive reactions over the years she's given product demos and feature presentations. She's seen smiles, she's heard applause and cheers, but she'd never seen the level of excitement she witnessed at CAMEX.

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The ISU Bookstore Gives the GIFT of Great Service

Posted by Kate Seat on 2/7/16 11:30 PM

Three years ago, the staff at the Iowa State University Bookstore adopted a new strategy striving for “Excellence in Customer Service.” After evaluating their approach to the unique challenge of a store with a great deal of floor space, a large, diverse inventory and a broad range of different types of customers, they came up with a new platform for expectation for all UBS staff members.

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Campus Marketplaces: Beating 'em by Joining 'em

Posted by Dean Asher on 1/13/16 10:00 PM

We've all been there. You hear rumblings about a new website or service advertising itself on your campus as the latest, best and only student-oriented, free marketplace for selling books, apparel and other items directly to other local students.

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