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UVU Bookstore Evolves With the Latest Technologies

Posted by Lori Reese on 8/28/17 5:30 AM

In 2011, Utah Valley University Bookstore made a brave choice: It transitioned from a locally-owned POS to an MBS Systems POS amid a rapid increase in student enrollment. Since then, MBS’ support and technology has allowed it to grow and develop along with the student population.

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Panola College Store Boosts Sales With a Personalized Touch

Posted by Lori Reese on 8/21/17 5:30 AM

Panola College Store Director Rebecca Courtney has a proven retail strategy: She listens and learns. She wants to ensure the college store serves as what she calls “a one-stop shop” for the 2,500 students at the Carthage, Texas community college. It offers everything from textbooks and pens to cappuccinos and keychains, but Courtney hasn’t stopped there. She maintains an ongoing dialog with customers that keeps her informed about students’ wishes.

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Lane Community College’s Titan Store Scores Big With Convenient Food

Posted by Lori Reese on 7/31/17 5:30 AM

For Titan Store Director of Retail Services Tony Sanjume, watching sales data, mining the numbers and thinking strategically about merchandise trends are critical to staying current among Lane Community College’s 8,000-plus students. In recent years, the Eugene, Oregon store has met the challenges facing all college stores head on — launching a food division that now rivals the school supplies division in earnings.

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