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December 2016: Win FREE Textbooks for a Term

Posted by Jason Smallheer on 12/1/16 3:45 PM

“Win free textbooks for a term!” This type of message will have a line outside your door because the prize has a high perceived value.

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Are Textbooks Dead? Not Even Close

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/30/16 9:09 AM

There's no denying that times have changed, but even though there are more competitors fighting for market share, the end is hardly near for college retailers. In case you needed a little assurance from your industry peers, however, we've got you covered.

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SCCC's Sheri Bergeron Shares Why She Broke Free of the Lease

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/28/16 5:00 AM

Before acquiring her current title, the Schenectady County Community College FSA College Store’s Textbook Manager had done it all. Since coming to the store in 1972, Sheri Bergeron worked in everything from shipping and receiving to accounting. That’s given her a close look at virtually every level of the college retail business, and she’s experienced it through two models: leasing and ownership. After experiencing the independence and better service that came with institutional operation, Bergeron can't imagine going back.

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What the Increase in Distance Learning Means for Your School, and Your Brick-and-mortar Store

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/24/16 5:00 AM

An interesting new statistic is reassuring news for private higher ed institutions that saw their "inevitable downfall" being forecast a few months ago: Distance learners are on the rise at institutions nationally, and it's proving to be a major revenue stream.

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The More Things Change: How College Retail Hasn't Changed, Even When It Has

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/23/16 12:19 PM

The college retail industry has changed significantly in the last few years. With the rise in big-box online retailers and shifts in technology, everything from marketing and advertising to inventory management and the title procurement process has evolved over the past decade. But that doesn't mean everything is different.

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Demystifying the Latest Thing [Video]

Posted by Kate Seat on 11/22/16 7:02 AM

Thirty years ago, your customers were virtually a captive audience. Now there are new innovations and trends surfacing on a daily basis, leading to more competition than ever before. Are you prepared to meet it?

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Untether Your Point of Service with the MBS POS on Microsoft Surface Pro

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/21/16 5:00 AM

Working at a college store requires being on the move. We understand that there are opportunities and events outside the bookstore, and our mobile POS is designed to free you from traditional retail boundaries, expanding your sales floor to wherever your customers are.

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Easy Ways to Increase Engagement: #TBT

Posted by Kate Seat on 11/17/16 10:47 AM

If you already follow our Facebook page, you may have noticed our posts on Thursdays have featured some of our favorite memories from the last several decades. Participating in #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) has been a lot of fun, but it's also served another important purpose: increasing our online interaction and engagement.

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How You can Raise Money and Help Save the Environment (Infographic)

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/16/16 5:00 AM

For years, MBS has offered stores a way to turn their unwanted, no-value textbooks into extra cash for themselves or various student groups on campus. Over the last year, that program also help saved a forest of trees.

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Must-know Tips to Better Connect With Customers Via Email [White Paper]

Posted by Dean Asher on 11/15/16 5:00 AM

Email marketing is a terrific way to reach your customers. It's easy, free beyond the cost of any software you might use, and it's instant, delivering your message straight to your customers. Unfortunately, that's why everyone knows this, which is why your email is one of dozens if not hundreds your customers are receiving each day. This will help you rise above the white noise.

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